Kindergarteners Read with Bright Smiles!

“I brush my teeth for SEVEN minutes every day!”, exclaimed one of Ms. Liliana’s Torrance kindergarten students. Today, the kindergarteners learned the importance of clean teeth while practicing their reading skills. Ms. Liliana began by showing her students a video, which explained that teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and that candy and sweets can give you cavities.


The class loved the video! They wanted to watch more movies about teeth, but it was time to practice reading! Ms. Liliana passed out educational magazines that described the relationship between human and animal teeth. First, the kindergarteners listened carefully as the magazine was read aloud by a narrator, tracking each word with their fingers to follow along.


After following along with the narrator, it was time for each student to take a turn reading aloud. Ms. Liliana called on each member of her class to individually read a section of the magazine. Every kindergartener sounded out the words with impressive fluency, confidently reading through their passage. If a student paused on a particularly challenging word, Ms. Liliana wrote the word on the whiteboard and guided the child as they sounded out each letter.


By giving all of her students the chance to read aloud, Ms. Liliana helped her kindergarteners increase their confidence and pronunciation. Children who struggled with certain words were given extra help from Ms. Liliana that benefited the entire class. These Torrance kindergarteners are leaps and bounds ahead in their reading skills!


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