Jazmin’s Jungle

Thursday morning at 10:30 marked the beginning of Leap and Bound Redondo Beach‘s final graduation ceremony. Ms. Jazmin‘s class brought the whole school to a stop with their many songs, dances, costumes, and adorable faces.


As with every graduation ceremony at LBA the class, with a little help from the teacher, sings and dances to a collection of songs based around our company wide theme, this years’s theme being animals.

Ms. Jazmin’s class began by walking to our Leap and Bound Jungle to the tune of the classic children’s song The Ants Go Marching One by One. These little fire ants had barley begun and already stole the hearts of everyone in attendance!

After that came an expertly choreographed dance to the song Try Everything by Shakira from the new extremely popular Disney movie that hit theaters this year called Zootopia. If you look closely and carefully at some of Ms. Jazmin’s students, they are dressed up as certain animals from the movie. One student is a wolf and another one is a lion. Some of the students are dressed as ants, a costume that works for both this song and the opening song about ants. And finally, one of the students and Ms. Jazmin herself were dressed up as the main character of the film, the bunny cop, Lieutenant Judy Hopps.



After that came the song Kiss Kiss, which is a Zumba song and all of the students performed a Zumba dance to the tune of the song. When that rapped up, a yoga demonstration and coinciding poem about plant life was recited and enjoyed by parents and staff members alike. Before the diploma ceremony began, their last song was Goodbye Friends, sung in both english and spanish, complete with acoustic guitar provided by one of the parents!


After this, everyone was given a cap and gown as they received their diploma and are now ready to start kindergarten! Then after one last song, it was time for the Leap and Bound potluck! All of the families brought many different kinds of food for everyone to eat and enjoy. These potlucks are always amazing opportunities for both the students and the parents to socialize with the other members of Leap and Bound Academy and try some new and delicious recipes!

Congratulations to Ms. Jazmin’s 2016 graduating class, we will miss all of you very much and wish you the best of luck in kindergarten!


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