How to Graduate Preschool with Ms. Daniesha

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A positive energy and excitement in the air was evident at LBA’s Torrance location yesterday as Ms. Daniesha’s class prepared for their graduation ceremony. The students’ anticipation increased as parents and extended family began to arrive for the end-of-the-year performance.

“I’m nervous!”, one of Ms. Daniesha’s students exclaimed, “My cousin’s going to be watching!”

Despite a few butterflies, Ms. Daniesha’s TK (transitional kindergarten) class was well-prepared for their performance. They had been practicing their singing and choreography for weeks leading up to this day. As special guests were directed outside to the blacktop where the performance would take place, Ms. Daniesha’s students donned royal blue gowns and caps complemented with a golden tassel. After some last minute adjustments and a few preliminary photos, the students were ready to cross the bridge into kindergarten. Ms. Daniesha led her class outside and onto the stage, where the students confidently took their places in front of the eager audience.

After warmly welcoming the visiting audience members, Ms. Mary commenced the performance by playing the class’ first song, “Baby Shark”. The audience laughed collectively as their kids imitated a “grandma shark” without teeth and cheered loudly at the song’s conclusion when the class took a bow.

The next song was called “Move Like The Dinosaurs” and featured some dance moves that Ms. Daniesha had taught the class!


The last song of the performance was undoubtedly the most heartwarming. The prospective graduates joined in singing “We’re Moving Up To Kindergarten”, an equally emotional and adorable tribute to their time in preschool. Parents dabbed at their eyes as the song served as reminder that their children would soon be Leap and Bound alumni.

After the performances, Ms. Mary called the names of each student one by one to come forward and receive a diploma from their teacher, Ms. Daniesha. The image mirrored that of a high school graduation, symbolizing the beginning of a long school career ahead for the LBA graduates. As Ms. Mary put it, the students “are moving on to bigger and better things”, but Leap and Bound Academy will always be their home.




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