How LBA Spent the 5th of May!

May 5th is nacho average day of the week at Leap and Bound Academy. No, Cinco de Mayo is a party at this lively preschool; the holiday teaches LBA kids about Mexican culture while engaging them in the activities of this annual celebration. Ms. Angela and Ms. Barbara’s students made tiny sombreros and piñatas in the morning to begin the festivities!

Petite Piñatas!
Small Sombreros!

After a dreary morning, the skies cleared and the sun emerged: a sign that it was time for the older preschoolers to venture outside and take a swing at the full-size piñata on the patio! One by one, each of the Redondo Beach students took turns hitting the cardboard star, hoping to be the one to break out the prizes inside.

Ari keeps his eye on the weak spot

Every student had taken their turn, but the surprisingly tough piñata would not back down. LBA’s teachers knew there was only one thing left to finally break open the prizes: they stepped in to finish the job!

Ms. Liliana takes a swing! 

Finally, the piñata burst into a frenzy of prizes, and the kids scrambled to pick the best toy. Colored pencils, wind-up toys, stickers, coin purses, toy robots, and more were scattered around the patio. Each student was allowed to choose one toy to take home… and they were all very focused on picking the best one.

Decisions, decisions.

Worn-out from the piñata excitement, Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class headed back upstairs to enjoy a celebratory snack of nachos! The cheesy chips were a special treat for the LBA students, who munched quietly while listening to their teacher explain the history of Cinco de Mayo. May 5th was an iconic day for the Mexican city of Puebla in the year 1862, when the soldiers won an unlikely victory over French forces. Now, the day marks an annual celebration in America, and an opportunity to learn about Mexican culture and heritage.



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