Happy Kid Yoga: Re-proving a Classic

The art of yoga has been around for over a thousand years. There are lots of good reasons for that: It’s accessible, it’s easy to learn, and you know what, let’s just come right out with it: It’s fun! Who says exercise has to mean running, jumping, and lifting weights? Preschoolers are no strangers to working off excess energy, but recently students at Leap & Bound Academy also got a taste of mindful relaxation.

Happy Kid Yoga class pantomiming binoculars

LBA’s academic focus doesn’t just mean math and language. We’re always looking for new types of lessons to flesh out a complete school experience. This year, we invited Ms. Sarah, owner of Happy Kid Yoga, to try out for our kindergarten program. We let Ms. Sarah and her assistant have a trial run with one of our transitional kindergarten classes, and boy were we impressed. No shade on our in-house teachers, but these gals really know their stuff!

Happy Kid Yoga class with students in cobra pose

The Happy Kid Yoga team led the class through fun scenarios, with prepared pictures to guide the imagination. We visited a zoo, and took turns transforming ourselves into the animals! Giraffes reached up high to eat, snakes twisted around, and of course, a yoga session wouldn’t be complete without some downward-facing dogs.

Engaging with the children’s imaginations gave them motivation, and with that, a sense of pride in their own actions. Ms. Sarah didn’t have to yell “good job!” at every step, because she saw twelve little yogis internalizing the benefits naturally. As the class moved on from yoga, the calm focus stayed with them throughout the day.

Happy Kid Yoga class with mats folded over the students like cocooned caterpillars

You can learn more about Ms. Sarah and her team at happykidyoga.com.


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