Halloween Fun!

Everything was not as it seemed today at the Leap and Bound Academy Medical Center. There was a certain excitement in the air- today was the Halloween parade!. As the students eagerly awaited the festivities out on the blacktop, they read stories and made some crafts. Ms. Josie had a special treat for her class of 2 and 3 year olds. She handed out paper plates, then gave each student a Hershey Kiss and a shortbread cookie.

“Don’t eat them now,” Ms. Josie told her students, who were eyeing the chocolates. “We’re going to make a treat that you can take home and show your parents!”

Ms. Josie demonstrated how to glue the Kiss to the shortbread cookie with chocolate frosting. The result? A witch hat!

The students at Leap and Bound began to buzz with excitement as parents and siblings started to arrive for the Halloween parade. As they changed into their costumes, the boys and girls were replaced with princesses, superheroes, witches, Ninja Turtles, and everything in between. The classes made their way outside, where family members waited with cameras as “Monster Mash” played loudly over the speaker system.


Each class began to circle around the blacktop, showing off their costumes and dancing to the Halloween music. Three smiling Hulks posed for a picture on one side of the playground while a group of princesses began singing along to “Ghostbusters” on the other. The students marched proudly in their costumes, waving to their parents and sharing their plans for Halloween the next day.


After the parade was over, each class took a group picture in costume and went back inside. But even after a day packed with fun activities, from crafts and Halloween treats to parading around the blacktop in costume, the students were still full of energy. To help wind down, the classes went out onto the blacktop to stretch and then play on the playground. As the exciting day came to an end, the pirates, fairies, and superheroes turned back into boys and girls, tired from the day’s festivities.



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