Gardening with Ms. Jazmin


Rain… rain… rain! Tapping against the windows, creating a soft musical melody within the classrooms of Leap & Bound Academy. Little kids run around the room in their Hello Kitty or Spider-man rain boots, anxious to go outside and get wet! In the Transitional Kindergarten class, Ms. Jazmin has prepared an exciting activity for her four-year-olds that coincides perfectly with the rainy day- How to Grow a Plant!

In order for plants to survive, rain is a necessity to keep them hydrated and healthy. With an abundance of rain forecasted for this week, Ms. Jazmin decided that today was the best time to educate her students on the basic needs of a plant! To begin her lesson, she has the kids sit down on their designated number on the rainbow rug, where she presents a poster about plants.


After allowing each student a chance to list one item needed to successfully care for a plant, it is time to turn this project into a sensory activity by giving each one their own pot to use!


Ms. Jazmin’s teaching style stresses the importance of hands-on experience that is crucial for a student’s process of understanding. By asking the students to inform her on the materials needed to care for a plant, Ms. Jazmin also pushes the students to think for themselves and extract outside information necessary to complete the task. The students cleverly came up with six vital ingredients that they all agreed were needed to grow a plant: Soil, sun, seeds, water, air, and most importantly, love!

Now that all the ingredients needed to grow a plant are thought of, it is time for the students to get ready to dig up dirt for their very own carrot plant!


Ms. Jazmin puts one handful of fresh, brown soil into each of the student’s very own pot, labeled with their name.


After enough soil rests within the cardboard pot, a blue spray bottle filled with water is passed around, allowing only three sprays per pot. Once the soil is nice and moist, it is time for the most exciting part- dropping in the wonderful, little seeds of life that will soon produce delicious carrots to eat!image5

Ending with three final, good-bye spurts of water, the students smile because they have successfully planted their very own carrot to take home and watch grow!

With more rain headed throughout this week, Ms. Jazmin promptly prepared her students to be aware of the effect that rain has on plant life and its value to life on Earth.


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