Flower Power

The hope that comes with growing our own food is the hope that every person wishes to have. Leap and Bound Academy decided to provide our preschoolers with some of this hope this month with our Gardening Day on June 6, 2016. Students learned helpful lessons like how to plant a flower:


Gardening Day is a holiday that Leap and Bound uses to teach our kids about the wonders of planting and of flowers. The kids have a chance to learn about this activity in many different styles. Styles include using arts and crafts, for example, the kids had the opportunity to make creative posters demonstrating how gardening works.


The poster includes the basic parts of a flower, including the stem, leaves, roots and petals. The poster shows the kids that in order for a plant to grow, you need water, dirt, and seeds. These are the only things you need! In addition to arts and crafts, the kids get to learn about gardening in a hands on situation. The kids were able to help garden real plants in their own pots that Leap and Bound Academy hung in the playscape.

You can try gardening with your child as well! Its a fun way to get outdoors with your child and enjoy the blue sky. After all, flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.


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