Feeling Purrty Creative at Leap and Bound Academy

DSC00428Meow! Today is National Black Cat Day and Leap and Bound Academy is feeling purrty excited to join in on the festivities! Today classes such as Ms. Liliana’s joined in on the fun by creating cat related art work.

Leap and Bound Academy is an academic institution. However, we also focus on arts and crafts and maintaining a playful attitude. Because of this, we enjoy celebrating “silly” holidays so our students have a good day everyday! Plus, celebrating these silly holidays gives us the perfect excuse for some creativity time spent at the crafts table.

Today we took a peek into Ms. Liliana’s class to see what was happening and surely enough, they were working on creating their very own kitties. Ms. Liliana had spent the time to create outlines for the little ones to cut to construct their cat out of black paper. After the cat was cut out, students then added whiskers, eyes, and a cute little nose.

The little ones had a blast doing so! They pretended that their kitties were all “cat friends” and were really alive. They also got around to naming their own cats and taking them in as their own “pets”. How creative of these LBA students!

Overall, the kitties looked great (thanks Ms. Liliana for the prep work and assistance with the hot glue gun)! Most of all, we are so happy that our LBA students had a blast celebrating this holiday. LBA is all about allowing our students to be creative so we appreciate a good craft such as this one, happy Wednesday!



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