Celebrating Norooz at LBA!

At Leap and Bound Academy, we encourage culture and diversity on a daily basis! Ms. Naheed over at LBA’s Medical Center location teaches her students about Persian New Year. The Persian New Year celebration, called Norooz, celebrates renewal and rebirth, symbolized by the coming of spring. Plants are an excellent example of renewal, and growing green sprouts, or Sabzeh, are a popular tradition during Norooz. Ms. Naheed’s toddlers participated in the celebration by growing a Sabzeh plant in their classroom! The Sabzeh plant is a symbol of birth, growth, and the coming of spring, all central themes of the Persian New Year celebration!


The Sabzeh plant, Ms. Naheed described to her curious students, is grown from lentils and is meant to bring good luck and best wishes during the new year! The names of each of Ms. Naheed’s students were written on paper leaves and placed in the Sabzeh plant, symbolizing good luck for the entire class!


Thanks to Leap and Bound teachers like Ms. Naheed who share cultural traditions and holidays with their class, LBA students are learning to become more accepting and tolerant individuals. Children at Leap and Bound Academy learn and play in an environment that embraces diversity and understanding of differences, giving them an excellent foundation for cultural acceptance in the future!



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