Thank You Teachers!

October 5th is a very special day for of all of our spectacular teachers here at LBA: It’s World Teachers’ Day! The day is celebrated to create awareness, appreciation, and understanding for the hard work that teachers around the world do for education and development.


The beginning of the holiday dates back to 1994: UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) founded the holiday on October 5th because on the same day in 1966, the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation was passed. The recommendation set forth the rights and responsibilities of teachers, as well as international standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, teaching and learning conditions. The holiday will be celebrated around in the world in major cities such as London, Paris, Rome, New York, and San Francisco.


Here are some fun ways for you celebrate the holiday, no matter what age or grade you’re in. This is perfect for the littlest of preschoolers to the biggest of high school students.

  1. Give your teacher an Apple! Although somewhat stereotypical, what teacher wouldn’t enjoy a shinny red apple to start their day?

2. Coffee!! What’s the drink that your teacher has every morning? There’s nothing that a teacher enjoys more than a cup of coffee to launch them into teaching their students! Bringing in some fresh coffee, or a gift card to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, will always brighten up a teacher’s day!

3. Probably your teacher’s favorite gift would be that you come to school happy and ready to learn! There’s nothing that can make school more fun than being prepared and excited for school!

Bat-erday Night Fever



“I’m Batman” – Such a catchphrase could only belong to a man who knows the weight his name carries. Batman goes down in history as one of literature’s most iconic characters. September 26th has been officially declared National Batman Day in the United States and has gained a major following in the past couple of years.


Batman himself dates back to the year 1939 when he premiered in the comic series Detective Comics issue number 27. From that moment on Batman has become a staple of pop culture and has appeared in enough comics to fill a thousand boxes. Wow! Over the years the dark knight has undergone many different characterizations making him a unique character since most people differ on which version they like the best. They range from the campy fun of the Adam West batman to the older, darker version seen in this 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Throughout his many years of existence, batman has continued to entertain generation after generation of fans. If you’re stuck up stream without a paddle and need some fun things to do today, Batman’s owners at DC Comics have recommended their own special ways to enjoy this holiday for both you and your children.

imagesThe first way is to attend a community batman celebration event. There are tons of events all around the community including signing with famous comic book writers and screening of just about every Batman movie that has come to cinemas. Another fun way to celebrate is to play dress up! What’s more fun than becoming the caped crusader and enervating off all of Gotham’s villains like the Joker and the Penguin.


Our favorite way to celebrate is with Batman crafts! There are tons of different crafts you can do with your children including coloring pages, cut out masks of batman’s various collection of cowls over the years or get a blank sheet of paper, paint it black and add your own yellow bat symbol for your own spectacular design.





The last suggestion to have fun today is to throw a batman themed party! What entails a batman party? You decide! The conventional way is to invite over friends and family (dress up optional) and make some batman snacks like bat-shaped cookies and watch your favorite batman outings. We recommend Batman: the Animated Series from the 90’s for a fun viewing experience for the whole family. Now we at LBA have only one thing left to say. Have a great Batman Day!

LBA’s Hat Day!

imageCowboy hats, derby day hats, baseball hats, hiking hats…you’ve heard of lots of hats. But what about homemade hats? Today Ms. Taregus’s class made their own hats!

Colored paper and a little creativity was all it took for these kids to make their own fun hats on hat day!

From the crowns of ancient rulers to the fun crafts the kids wear, hats have been around for millennium and really do play an important role in the world.  They serve to protect precious heads and to guard us against the sun.  Hats are something we rarely ever notice, something we always use. What are some other things in life that we use every day but never truly appreciate? After all, what would we do without hats to protect us as we ride a bike a horse or a motorcycle, to protect us from the sun’s striking rays. Every hat has a purpose: cowboy hats, derby day hats, baseball hats, hiking hats, even homemade hats. Which hat will you wear today?

Happy 100th Birthday To Our National Parks!!

August 25, 2016 is a special day in history for the United States. A hundred years ago today, the National Park Service was established.

The idea of creating the National Parks dates back to 1832, when artist George Catlin was exploring the northern great plains, and thought to himself that these great lands should be protected from development and modernization. Nothing came of this until 1864 when California senator John Conness sponsored an act to make the Yosemite Valley a protected land for public use and recreation. After the founding of Yosemite, soon other parks followed, such as Yellowstone in 1871 and Mackinac in 1875. Many beautiful lands over the next 40 years were added to the list of protected lands, but things changed for the best for the parks when President Wilson established the National Park Service. The service was created to manage and protect all of these beautiful lands and make sure they could survive for future generations to experience them.

LBA encourages our students and their families to take advantage of this holiday and go off the grid and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in our wonderful national parks.

Here are some of our favorites to visit for hiking, camping, and any outdoor activities:

1. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area


Our first choice is the closest to the South Bay, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. The park is technically not a “National Park” but is governed by National Park Service. The Recreational Area offers many activities that would be fun for the whole family, such as  hiking along the Backbone trail, and also for the backpacking enthusiasts, the trail is great for a couple days of hiking.

2. Channel Islands National Park


Second on our list is a coastal experience for the ocean enthusiast. Across the ocean in our backyard, the Channel Islands National Park is a great choice for a weekend expedition. The islands offer great activities such as hiking, backpacking, and especially Kayaking.

3. Yosemite Valley

Our third and final recommendation is for a weekend road trip up north to the beautiful Yosemite Valley. One of the most visited parks in all of america, its popularity is credited to the breathtaking views and spectacular activities that the area offers. The valley hosts some of the best hiking trails in all of the country, and the park is well known for their challenging and unique climbing routes.

Starting today (August 25th) and continuing through Sunday (August 28th) the National Park Service is offering free entry into the parks to celebrate the centennial. LBA encourages all of our families to visit any national park and experience the beauty and freedom that these parks offer.

Magnificent Sea Creatures


There is nothing that comes close in the deep blue sea to be as beautiful as the Leatherback Sea Turtle. These magnificent sea creatures are the largest of all turtle species, they can be four to eight feet in length and weigh between 500 and 2000 pounds! They are considered to be a “founding father” of the turtle species, due to it being found over 150 million years ago!


To start their art activity after the completion of their journals, Kindergarten students watched an informational cartoon by the “Octonauts” (A great cartoon for young students to learn about the various things living in the ocean) about how they live. After the video was finished the students took their seats and waited for instruction to start their daily arts and crafts project. Ms. Liliana let the students begin on making their very own Leatherbacks!! The students had to cut, color, and design the turtle’s shell with tissue paper pieces.


For your enjoyment here are some fun facts about Leatherback Sea Turtles:

  1. Leatherbacks have the ability to consume twice their body weight every day!
  2. The name “Leatherback” comes from their shell rather being hard and stiff it is smooth and almost feels like leather!
  3. In the last two decades almost 90% of the population has been wiped out due to being caught in commercial fishing equipment and also because pollution such as plastic bags and soda cans can be confused for fish! 🙁
  4.  Most Leatherbacks live along sandy beaches with lots of vegetation, due to when mating season comes around it is easier for the mothers to lay their eggs in the protected vegetation.

Leap and Bound Academy Students Digest New Information

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.45.14 PMOn Monday Ms. Vee’s class stomached (literally) some new information! The class learned all about the digestive system and healthy eating by reading a book together and then applying their knowledge to arts and crafts.

Leap and Bound Academy believes that although we are a preschool, that does not mean we should not teach students about how the human body works. Understanding how the digestive system works allows students to better understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s good to know that broccoli has more nutrients than a donut!

Living a healthy lifestyle starts when we are young. It’s something that we do for the rest of our lives, so why not start now? We want our students to truly understand why they need to take care of their digestive systems.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.46.18 PMIn order to teach something as complex as human organs to our little ones, we decided it called for some read aloud time and arts and crafts. Ms. Vee began by reading a book to the students. She explained the process of what happens when we eat something. Additionally, Ms. Vee talked about the stark difference between eating fruits and veggies compared to processed junk food. They affect your body MUCH differently!

FullSizeRender-4Finally, in order to apply what they had learned students created their very digestive systems (with yarn of course). Overall, students had a blast learning about what happens to their food and then applying that knowledge with a little bit of glue and yarn! Another educational (yet awesome) day at LBA!

Feeling Purrty Creative at Leap and Bound Academy

DSC00428Meow! Today is National Black Cat Day and Leap and Bound Academy is feeling purrty excited to join in on the festivities! Today classes such as Ms. Liliana’s joined in on the fun by creating cat related art work.

Leap and Bound Academy is an academic institution. However, we also focus on arts and crafts and maintaining a playful attitude. Because of this, we enjoy celebrating “silly” holidays so our students have a good day everyday! Plus, celebrating these silly holidays gives us the perfect excuse for some creativity time spent at the crafts table.

Today we took a peek into Ms. Liliana’s class to see what was happening and surely enough, they were working on creating their very own kitties. Ms. Liliana had spent the time to create outlines for the little ones to cut to construct their cat out of black paper. After the cat was cut out, students then added whiskers, eyes, and a cute little nose.

The little ones had a blast doing so! They pretended that their kitties were all “cat friends” and were really alive. They also got around to naming their own cats and taking them in as their own “pets”. How creative of these LBA students!

Overall, the kitties looked great (thanks Ms. Liliana for the prep work and assistance with the hot glue gun)! Most of all, we are so happy that our LBA students had a blast celebrating this holiday. LBA is all about allowing our students to be creative so we appreciate a good craft such as this one, happy Wednesday!


Leap and Bound Academy takes the Sea Lab

DSC_0024Something smells fishy! Oh wait, it’s just all the fish at the Sea Lab that Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class got to see. Ms. Liliana’s class got to take an eventful field trip to the Sea Lab for the morning and they had so much fun!

The day started by boarding the bus (a bus with seat belts because Leap and Bound Academy believes safety comes first). Right when the group arrived, students began to survey the different fish in the pond while waiting for the guide. Trying to spot the orange one or the “shark fish” as they called it was the challenge!

DSC_0058The tour began by taking a little walk out to the beach. Students frolicked in the warm sand and out to meet the guide to go treasure hunting. Students used sifters to find their very own treasures such as shells and rocks. It was a peaceful way to start of the day, who doesn’t love the beach on such a beautiful day?

DSC_0022When the group returned to the Sea Lab, they listened to a story about the starfish. Then students went to sit down to color in their very own starfish. After learning the material, LBA believes that art is a good way to express student’s newly acquired knowledge.

DSC_0083After picking up the crayons and putting together their masterpieces, students went over to the scientist’s table. The table had dried star fishes and magnifying lenses so students could study real star fishes. Our little scientists did a great job at understanding the features of our fishy friends!

DSC_0092Finally, it was time to actually see and touch the fish. Students walked out to the tanks to see all types of fish. From being able to touch the anemones to petting the bat ray stingray, it was all very thrilling. Students were more than excited to dip their hands in the water and see the ocean’s creatures.

DSC_0138At last, it was time to eat some lunch and head on back to LBA. Students were sad to leave the home of so many ocean creatures. However, the little ones were exhausted and excited to return to LBA when it was nap time. Our little adventurers not only left the Sea Lab with knowledge, but with new friendships because they were able to spend quality time with their pals!

Farm Animal Fun with Ms. Vee

IMG_3171Cock a doodle doo! That’s the alarm clock of Monday mornings, but Ms. Vee’s students made Monday a bit brighter by creating their very own roosters. In order to spice up their Monday, Ms. Vee’s class had an exciting farm animal themed day which shows that Leap and Bound Academy spends the time to create thoughtful and fun lesson plans.

IMG_3179Summer is winding down and because of that, LBA and Ms. Vee wanted to make the day extra fun and engaging! In order to do that, Ms. Vee decided it was time to bring out the colored paper and glue- it’s craft time!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.28.30 PMAfter learning about the rooster and chicken, students sat down and prepared to start the project. Ms. Vee cut out the shapes needed and students followed the example she placed in front of them. These students are so lucky to have such an artistic and crafty teacher!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.29.26 PMStudents worked and chatted while making their very own rooster. Some students were inclined to follow the example while others created more “abstract” roosters. Although it took a few minutes to understand how to construct the rooster, once they did understand they did a great job. At LBA, we know there is not one “perfect”. Each rooster was awesome in it’s own way and allowed our kids to express themselves through school work!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.30.06 PMFinally, once the beak of the rooster was added, students began to name their roosters. After the naming process, students brought their work to the area designated for drying art on the floor. We can’t wait for our students to bring these masterpieces home to Mommy and Daddy!


Animal Themed Snack Time!

2016-07-11 06-07
Photo of fruits and veggies Ms. Hannah spotted in Thailand

Getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies is not always the simplest of tasks. Leap and Bound Academy always makes sure to include fruits or veggies in every meal at school, but sometimes at home it may seem like a challenge. In honor of some of LBA’s animal related crafts today, we’ve come up with a few hacks to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies.

First of all, there is no shame if your little one doesn’t like spinach and carrots. It’s understandable, they’re just kids! However, just because they might not express their undying love for fruits and veggies doesn’t mean that we should just give up all together. Fruits and veggies contain essential sources of fiber and vitamins that our little ones need to grow up strong and healthy!

So, perhaps your little one doesn’t look at a stalk of celery and say “Yum!”, but there are ways to sway their opinion.

1- The Banana Caterpillar!

  • 1 banana
  • peanut butter
  • pretzel sticks
  • two chocolate chips
  • (optional) coconut shavings

Simple and easy! Peel and slice the banana. Then, in between the slices spread peanut butter and put the slices back together in the shape of the banana! Then, stick a pretzel stick in each side of the slices to resemble little legs. To top it off, place the chocolate chips as if they were eyes on the top of the banana caterpillar and sprinkle on some chia seeds or coconut shavings!



2- Little Birdy

  • half a pear
  • anywhere from 13-20 grapes (depending on how large you want the peacock to be)
  • blueberries
  • one baby carrot
  • two sprinkles

Make simple fruit turn into a beautiful peacock! Simply cut the pear in half and cut the grapes in half. Then, lie the pear down on the plate and create the peacock’s feathers with the halved grapes (surround the pear with the grapes). Then, set the blueberries on top of the grapes to make it more realistic. Finally, use the carrot to create a triangle nose and two legs and use two sprinkles for the eyes, tee-dah!


3- Ants Go Marching On!

  • two stalks of celery
  • peanut butter
  • raisins

Easy, tasty, and a crowd favorite! Simply cut the stalks in half to create four slices. Spread some peanut butter and top it with some “ants” (raisins). Packing in the protein (and veggies) with this snack!


4- A Deep Sea Snack!

  • a hot dog, preferably a turkey dog (that’s it!)

Now, a hot dog is certainly not a veggie or fruit! However, a turkey dog without the bun is a perfect snack that is healthy and has protein. This recipe turns the simple hotdog into an octopus or crab which makes it more appealing! Check out this link for the simple cutting instructions!