Butterfly Life Cycle Fun

Butterflies are beautiful and complex insects that live a life full of changes. Ms. Dinah’s summer program class at LBA’s Torrance location had an exciting lesson about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and went into detail on how they evolve and change throughout their life. The butterfly’s life cycle is somewhat complex as they begin their life as Caterpillars for a short amount of time and eventually will form into a cocoon. The cocoon is a small shell that the caterpillar forms into for about two weeks, and come out a beautiful butterfly.

The students began the lesson with learning about the process of when the caterpillar will form into it’s cocoon. Ms. Dinah followed with demonstrating through drawings about how the caterpillars break out of the cocoon and come out as adult butterflies. The class also will be hosting their very own caterpillar farm, and will be able to watch the Life Cycle and follow the steps that they learned.


The class was not only learning about how the Butterfly Life Cycle works but they also enjoyed various arts and crafts activities that went along with the topic. After learning about each step of the Cycle each student painted their own Caterpillar (An Egg Carton) with their choice of color, and followed with designing a cocoon (Coffee Filter) with markers. After the students finished designing the cocoons  MS. Dinah helped the students use water dyes which turned the finished cocoons into a beautiful tie dye piece of art.


Over the course of the week the students will watch the caterpillars grow into their cocoons and eventually transform into gorgeous butterflies. The students will follow up with learning more about butterflies and design another project that is more focused on the butterflies.


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