Bat-erday Night Fever



“I’m Batman” – Such a catchphrase could only belong to a man who knows the weight his name carries. Batman goes down in history as one of literature’s most iconic characters. September 26th has been officially declared National Batman Day in the United States and has gained a major following in the past couple of years.


Batman himself dates back to the year 1939 when he premiered in the comic series Detective Comics issue number 27. From that moment on Batman has become a staple of pop culture and has appeared in enough comics to fill a thousand boxes. Wow! Over the years the dark knight has undergone many different characterizations making him a unique character since most people differ on which version they like the best. They range from the campy fun of the Adam West batman to the older, darker version seen in this 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Throughout his many years of existence, batman has continued to entertain generation after generation of fans. If you’re stuck up stream without a paddle and need some fun things to do today, Batman’s owners at DC Comics have recommended their own special ways to enjoy this holiday for both you and your children.

imagesThe first way is to attend a community batman celebration event. There are tons of events all around the community including signing with famous comic book writers and screening of just about every Batman movie that has come to cinemas. Another fun way to celebrate is to play dress up! What’s more fun than becoming the caped crusader and enervating off all of Gotham’s villains like the Joker and the Penguin.


Our favorite way to celebrate is with Batman crafts! There are tons of different crafts you can do with your children including coloring pages, cut out masks of batman’s various collection of cowls over the years or get a blank sheet of paper, paint it black and add your own yellow bat symbol for your own spectacular design.





The last suggestion to have fun today is to throw a batman themed party! What entails a batman party? You decide! The conventional way is to invite over friends and family (dress up optional) and make some batman snacks like bat-shaped cookies and watch your favorite batman outings. We recommend Batman: the Animated Series from the 90’s for a fun viewing experience for the whole family. Now we at LBA have only one thing left to say. Have a great Batman Day!


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