M Is For…?


How many “M” words can you think of? This exercise is probably easy for you since you are able to read this blog post right now, but for Ms. Tigi’s preschool students this exercise is a challenging activity. Luckily, Ms. Tigi knows how to make learning letters fun and engaging! She helped her preschoolers make crafts representing objects that start with the letter “M”. See if you can spot them all in this picture:


There’s a monkey, a mask, a mitten, a mother, a mop, the moon, a mug, money, and more! Even the letter “M” next to the mitten is decorated with macaroni pasta noodles… which also start with “M”! These crafts are so cute and creative – each one was made using different materials and the students were able to use their imaginations to think of “M” words and decide how to make them.


Ms. Tigi’s students love having their picture taken!

Aside from being a fun activity for the kids, Ms. Tigi’s craft allowed her preschool students to engage in a specific letter of the alphabet and master it. The finished crafts were able to provide a visual representation of words that start with “M”, giving Ms. Tigi’s students the ability to recognize these “m” words in real life! And the finished crafts look Magnificent! Or Marvelous? You get the idea 🙂



LBA Learns to Keep Sugar Bugs Away!


Although February may be known for its red hearts and boxes of chocolates, it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month! We had to take the opportunity to teach LBA students about taking care of their teeth. On Wednesday, Dr. G and Monica from Stephen E. Adams DDS were invited to our Medical Center location in Torrance and gave a presentation on dental health.

Dr. G and Monica brought a special friend with them to help with the presentation – a dinosaur in need of teeth cleaning!16797639_730597760451355_8236156562145895666_o.jpg The kids laughed as they watched the dinosaur get a check-up, and they learned that regularly brushing teeth and flossing helps to keep the “sugar bugs” away. The presentation was cute, entertaining, and taught our LBA students the importance of healthy dental habits!

5 Ways to Prevent Children’s Tooth Decay

  • Parents- Be careful when sharing forks and spoons with your child. Using the same utensils can transfer cavity-causing germs.
  • Encourage your children to eat healthy foods and limit their intake sugary drinks and candy.
  • Make sure your child starts visiting the dentist by the time they reach a year old! It is recommended for children to visit the dentist for a teeth cleaning and checkup twice a year.
  • Teach your children to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes (or sing the ABCs twice!) with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Ask your child’s dentist about dental sealants. They can be applied during a routine dentist appointment on the chewing surface of the teeth and help to seal out decay.


Kindergarten Share Day

Friday is Share Day for LBA’s Kindergarten class! Students bring their favorite toys from home for a Show & Tell with their friends at school!

While these students think they’re just playing with toys, their minds are soaking up important skills they’ll need for the rest of their lives: The first is being patient when taking turns, because they present their toys one at a time. Whoever’s in the hot seat is also learning to be confident by giving a brief oral presentation to all their classmates! Next, the class has a Q&A session, where students get to ask about the share toy, and inspire a spontaneous answer. With the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Liliana, each student learns how to ask questions that are inviting and pass no judgment.

Now who would invite children to bring in toys, and not expect them to play? After each student has completed a presentation sharing what they like about their favorite toy, it’s time to share the toys themselves. It’s the end of the day for this kindergarten class, and so we wind down with some free play time, before we put on our winter coats and join the rest of the school outside.

Share Day Playing



Image description: Animated GIFs of LBA Kindergarten students playing with their share toys. Visible toys in these images include a fairy tale castle, a plush dragon, and a monster truck.

Schools around the county are already lining up their kindergarten classes for the next school year. It’s like applying for college these days! To make sure our preschool graduates have an opportunity to continue their LBA quality education into kindergarten, we’re hosting our own Kindergarten Round Up for each school, on February 7th, 8th, and 9th (and feel free to come to a different school’s Round Up if you’re busy that day).
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See you next month! – Leap & Bound Academy

The Great California Shakeout!

13923718_621323401378792_3576388850134420023_oDid you take part in the Great Shakeout? Every year, schools throughout California participate in a state-wide earthquake drill to test emergency preparedness. LBA was no exception, and today our preschool students put their knowledge of safety to the test!

The drill came as a surprise to our Leap & Bound Torrance students, who were immersed in their morning lessons when Mrs. Mary and the office staff began ringing bells at 10:20am. Our students and faculty recognized the ringing bells and confidently began the drill; they stopped what they were doing and held protective positions under their desks. LBA kids are taught to protect their heads and necks while securing themselves under a strong foundation (like a desk!). Although the event was a surprise, the drill itself was familiar to students: LBA conducts routine earthquake drills every six months to ensure the safety of both children and faculty in the event of a crisis.

At the conclusion of the earthquake drill, teachers practiced standard evacuation procedure by leading their students out of the building. Students organized themselves, with the help of their teachers, into single-file lines and walked calmly outside to the blacktop in an organized manner. The school directors used their daily sign-in sheets to take attendance of the students. Parents: Don’t forget to sign your child in when you drop them off! In the event of an emergency, sign-in sheets are used to account for each student.


After making sure that each student was present and accounted for, Mrs. Mary congratulated the kids and staff on a job well done! Living in California comes with the unpredictability of earthquakes, but with practice drills every six months, our LBA students feel safe and prepared!