Art by Mosaic

The LBA students in the summer program got to learn and try out mosaic art. They learned that mosaic means,”a picture or pattern produced by arranging small colored pieces of hard material such as stone, tile, or glass.”

They first had a class discussion about what they could use to make a mosaic, and all the kids contributed to the answers and wrote it down in their journals. They got to do 4 activities to really understand what mosaic art really is. For the first activity,  each kid received a bowl which was already lined with wax paper and filled with the Plaster of Paris and water mixture. Then the kids got to choose their own tile pieces and press them into the mixture, then waited for it to completely dry.  For the next activity, the children cut out different size squares with construction paper and made a rainbow out of all their piece. The third activity involved each child getting dolphin picture and decorating it by gluing on colored rice. For the final activity, the kids traced their hand on a paper, cut it out, and decorated their handprint using beans.After they finished all these activities, they got time to reflect on their work. In their journals, they wrote an entry about the mosaic they enjoyed creating the most.

The kids had so much fun as art is creative, hands-on, and educational!



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