A Very Hungry Bulletin Board!

Every month at Leap and Bound Academy, teachers and their students create bulletin boards to display throughout the hallways of the school! Every class has their own bulletin board hanging on the wall, which includes a contribution from every student. These boards displayed during the entire month for passerby to admire. Today, teachers posted their April bulletin boards for the coming month!

Ms. Dejahnae’s class created a bulletin board with the theme The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a children’s book written by Eric Carle. Ms. Dejahnae read the classic story to her students before beginning the board. Every student contributed to the board; some wrote quotes from the story in order to practice their writing skills, while other kids created caterpillars or food item crafts to paste on the board! Popular elements from the story, like the hungry caterpillar eating holes through pieces of food, appear on the board too!


LBA students learn excellent lessons in responsibility and teamwork by helping make the bulletin board because each student knows that they are contributing to the class project. Ms. Dejahnae structured the bulletin board so that the entire story was displayed on the wall, so viewers could almost read the book for themselves! The preschoolers gazed excitedly at the finished bulletin board, proud that they had contributed to the class art project!


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