A Suprisingly Silent Classroom!

It was amazing to see how quickly Ms. Liliana’s kindergarteners developed their sign language skills during Monday’s lesson! Guest teacher Mr. Daniel guided the eager students through the alphabet, demonstrating the corresponding hand gesture of each letter. Despite having minimal previous knowledge of sign language, the kindergarteners adapted to this new form of communication with remarkable speed. Mr. Daniel demonstrated the hand gestures for a new word for each letter of the alphabet to expand the young students’ sign language vocabulary. The class picked up these new gestures with remarkable speed and began signing to one another!


Ms. Liliana joined in the lesson both as a student to the new language and a teacher to her kindergarten class! In order for her students to retain the words they had learned, she incorporated sign language into the class’ daily routine the next day. If a student wanted to use the bathroom, they could use the corresponding sign language gesture. When it was time for lunch, Ms. Liliana made an “L” shape with her hand and touched her chin. Using sign language gestures during the day helped the kindergartners remember words when Mr. Daniel returned for another lesson. Consistent practice with any language is the only way to retain it!




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