3 South Bay Hikes to Try This Weekend


Rest and relaxation is necessary for these LBA students after a long week of hard work! With summer rapidly approaching and the weather warming up fast, it’s time to find some outdoor activities to enjoy with your family! Since June 4th is National Trails Day, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to head outside and get active. We found three local trails in the South Bay that are perfect for curious toddlers and seasoned hikers alike.

Our first featured South Bay trail is part of the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes! There’s only one major obstacle to reaching the trail. Parking. The resort is always busy, but the reward is worth it! Once you park, make your way past the hotel to the start of the trail and then push up the hill, searching for the thrill of it. Take your entire family and walk beyond the hotel to the coastline, where you’ll find a beautiful walking trail. Would you rather explore the coves by the resort’s private beach or climb on the tide pools by the shore? It’s your call! Just follow the trails along the resort’s outer wall. The sparkling blue water and sprawling coastline are beautiful enough to cause metanoia.


The second South Bay trail we recommend trying is located in Manhattan Beach. It’s called Sand Dune Park, and boasts- you guessed it- a giant sand dune! Before visiting, make a reservation online and bring a dollar for access to the park. Then race your kids up the giant mound of sand! Climbing the dune is a bit of a challenge, but once you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Manhattan Beach’s residential community. After hiking back down the dune, attempt to climb the hill again or explore other areas of the park, like a staircase that leads through a wooded hillside. This park is perfect for your curious and energetic LBA kids!


Our final hike recommendation for you to try in honor of National Trails Day is the Point Vicente trail! Located in Palos Verdes, this trail offers several interactive sites and a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. Have a picnic in the park, investigate the Point Vicente Lighthouse, tour the interpretive center located at the start of the trail, or sit amongst binocular-clad spectators and try to spot whales passing by offshore! The Point Vicente trail has so much to do; both you and your LBA kids will equally enjoy this adventurous hike!


This National Trails Day, LBA is encouraging kids and parents to get outside and explore the outdoors with a family hike! Take in some fresh air and renew your appreciation for nature this weekend, because there’s nothing quite like the outdoors to lift your spirits. In today’s age of technology, it’s important to remind kids that sometimes we need to unplug and explore nature. As they say, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”. Happy Trails!






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