Ice Cream!!!

Right now. Is National. Chocolate. Ice Cream Day.




Yes, really, it is. Shall I say again? Right now, is national chocolate ice cream day. As healthy as LBA snacks are – raisins and pretzels are the least healthy we get – there is no denying that ice cream is indeed a tasty treat.

Just imagine it sitting in front of you. Majestic brown, the ice cream beckons. You dip the spoon in, eager, mouth watering. And then a burst of flavor. The sugar crystals dancing, cocoa powder firing, creamy, soft, delectable, delicious. (Don’t know about you, but I’m now craving ice cream).

chocolate ice cream

From blueberry to black licorice to white chocolate to just plain CHOCOLATE!!! Ice cream has something for everyone.

(If you are one of the few who despect ice cream, I am sorry. I am sorry that you will never know the joy of eating ice cream – for those who are lactose intolerant, coconut and soy milk ice cream count!). Ice cream is an amazing, incredible, wonderful treat.

So let’s celebrate!

Will you eat ice cream here or there

Will you eat ice cream everywhere:

On a volcano in Hawaii

or an inferno on Kawaii?

Will you eat ice cream on your bed

or will you eat it on your head?

Will you eat ice cream on a chair

or will you eat it with a pear?

(Tell me how the headstand goes, and the ice cream with pear – that one sounds like it might work…hmm).

There are so many places to enjoy ice cream and so many flavors to investigate (chocolate, double chocolate, triple chocolate fudge, dark chocolate, yummy chocolate, oh wait, that’s all of them ;).

And – we’re not suggesting that you take your kids there often, or at all even, because LBA is all about being healthy – but Handel’s does have two-point-five-dollar Tuesday today (formerly two-dollar Tuesday – that one rolled off the tongue much easier).

In the end, LBA realizes that kids needs to eat healthy, yes, but also that kids also need their chance to be kids. What better chance is there than National Chocolate Ice Cream Day?

Farewell and enjoy the seventh of June – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Share the festivities of this day and let your friends know that it really is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, so that everyone else can share in the joy of celebrating ice cream!







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