LBA tea party!

New experiences are always exciting! We know most kids love juice and milk, but what about tea? Today, our students had a party. Not just any kind of party…a tea party! To most, if not all of them, tea was a foreign drink. They looked on with bright curiosity as their teacher steeped the tea packet in their cup of water. It was a fruit flavored tea, so it made the water turn red. The color was definitely a bit deceiving. It might have made the children think it would taste like cherry or strawberry, but us adults know tea has a very distinct taste. Despite knowing it was tea, some were eager to try it and others were a bit more hesitant, but eventually they all took the leap and tried it. The taste received mixed reviews, but for the most part Ms. Taregus’ class liked it, and they had a great time at their tea party.IMG-4692 IMG-4690 IMG-4688 IMG-4682 IMG-4679

Last day of winter performances

Ms. Inoka and Ms. Taregus’ classes wrapped up this years winter performances on Friday. In the morning, Ms. Inoka’s class looked so cute in their performance attire of green, black, and white. The girls heads were adorned with Santa headbands, while the boys wore Santa hats. They shook their ribbons to the tune of Jingle Bells and their hips to the tune of Feliz Navidad.

IMG-4355IMG-4356IMG-4357 (1)IMG-4358IMG-4362IMG-4370IMG-4371IMG-4374

Thank you Ms. Inoka’s class for such a moving holiday performance!

Lastly, Ms. Taregus’ class sang and danced their hearts out. They gave their families such a lively rendition of Up on the House Top, Jingle Bell Rock, and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. At the end, parents cheered and clapped, but little did they know, Ms. Taregus’ class had more up their sleeves. They went on to recite two holiday poems. From the smiles on their faces, to their energetic movements, they clearly enjoyed performing for their families. Ms. Taregus’ class did such a great job. Thank you!


On the third day of Winter performances…

Yesterday, families got to see amazing performances from Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Kassandra’s class.

Ms. Kathryn’s class performed their set wearing Santa hats personalized with their names. They looked so happy as the jingles played and they showed their families what they had been practicing for weeks. Their loved ones praised their efforts after every song, and the children completed their performance knowing that their families were smiling in the crowd.

Ms. Kathryn hugs a student before the show for a little encouragement
Ms. Kathryn hugs a student for a little encouragement


In the afternoon, Ms. Kassandra’s class stepped into the spotlight. They all got up on stage wearing reindeer hats and appeared very excited to put on a show. They dazzled the audience with their fun illustration of the songs lyrics.


What a lively performance! Thank you Ms. Kassandra’s class!


Winter performances: Day 2

Wednesdays Christmas performances featured Ms. Alma and Ms. Adriana’s classes. First up was Ms. Alma’s class.  Her class made their presence known as they paraded outside shaking their jingle bells.  Ms. Alma’s students, along with some little ones dressed up as reindeer were ready to perform for their loved ones and stir up some Christmas spirit.

Following Ms. Alma’s lead, the children danced along to the songs. The shaking of their bells, spinning in circles, and swaying back and forth while holding hands had their parents smiling from ear to ear.


A big thanks to Ms. Alma and her class for their awesome moves!

Later on, parents had the joy of watching Ms. Adriana’s class sing and dance in their matching Santa hats. Ms. Adriana’s class also showed us choreographed movements that went along with the music. Their performance was perfect for the holiday and made their families proud. Good job Ms. Adriana’s class and thank you for your jolly performance!IMG-4227IMG-4210IMG-4181IMG-4183IMG-4161IMG-4192IMG-4166

Santa Claus comes to town!

It may not be Christmas eve yet, but for the students of LBA, Santa Claus was already in town. Santa Claus made a special trip from the North Pole just to spread some early Christmas joy to LBA. For many of the students, it wasn’t a surprise that Santa was coming. The anticipation of meeting him had been building since they heard the news that he was coming weeks prior. What they didn’t know was that Santa came with a special surprise for each and every one of them. Thanks to the parents, Santa had a gift specifically addressed to each child.

When Santa Claus walked in, the children had no idea. To them, he was just one of the many different adults that they see walk in and out. Of course, what they didn’t know was that this particular adult had the means to transform himself into Santa Claus. The husband of one of LBA’s very own office administration donned the iconic red and white suit, and made our students dreams come true. After a swift wardrobe change, Santa finally emerged and walked around the school to greet all the children. The smiles on the children’s faces seemed to stretch from here to the moon as you heard the echo of “Santa!!!” ringing form all across the school.




Santa completed his rounds, and then it was time for each class to get Santa all to themselves. Class by class, the children’s faces lit up when they got close to Santa. They patiently sat as Santa called them up one by one to sit on Santa’s lap and receive their special gift made in his workshop at the North Pole.







IMG-2618 - Copy






Ms. Kathryn’s class










Ms. Kassandra’s class


Ms. Taregus’ class

So many gifts, smiles, and dreams come true! Thank you for visiting LBA Santa Claus!

LBA Winter Performance – Toddler Class

Tis the season for winter performances at LBA. Ms. Djoni and Ms. Malak’s toddler class kicked off the season of joy with their performance of Baby Shark, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. After weeks of practicing, the toddler class donned their santa claus hats and marched out to their singing debut. They were a walking sea of red as they strolled past their parents, and onto the stage to wait for their cue.



Ready or not, the music blared from the speakers and the parents in the audience pressed play on their recording devices. They looked on with happy hearts as their children bounced and swayed to the Christmas jingles.







There was a lot more dancing than singing, and the audience just ate it up. The kids are too young to know it yet, but just standing on stage in their holiday attire would’ve been enough to bring smiles to their families faces just because of how cute they are. After they wished the audience a merry Christmas, the parents gave their kids praise and applause, and the children were so excited to embrace their parents.  The toddler class did a great job! Thanks to Ms. Djoni and Ms. Malak for all of their hard work.





Halloween day at LBA!!!

Spooky, spooky Halloween

Gloomy skies, but we’ll still be seen

Crowds of parents

Flashing lights

All of us in our costumes,

What a sight!

Some are scary

Some are sweet

Some are even really neat

We marched and marched while our parents stayed

To watch us in the Halloween Parade!

Ms. Taregus’ class



Happy ladybug
Trio of Belle’s

For students at LBA, Halloween festivities don’t just take place at night. We kicked off Halloween bright and early today with our very own parade! From superheroes, princesses, and animals, to monsters, firefighters, and ninjas, the Halloween spirit was in full affect. Children trickled in one after another happy to be wearing their costumes, and excited to see their friends dressed up. Of course, it wasn’t always obvious to tell who was who because of superhero and animal masks, but once they peeked their heads out, their true identities were revealed.



Seeing double. 2 Batgirls!


After everyone was dressed and ready to go, the children headed outside for their 15 minutes of fame. All eyes and camera lenses were focused on them as the music began, and they walked around the playground. Friends and families looked on with pure joy and melting hearts as they searched for their child out of a sea full of children, and attempted to capture the memory in their minds, and on their phones.



The parade was for the children, however, the teachers were seen walking in the parade having a good time as well.





Another year, another successful Halloween Parade here at LBA. Happy Halloween from LBA to you!

Ms. Adriana and her class


Splash day fun!

As the sun beams and the temperatures soar, LBA welcomed the opportunity to break out the water hose for one of our more popular activities amongst the children, SPLASH DAY! After putting their bathing suits on, the children marched outside into the heat anticipating the cool feel of the water as it makes contact with their skin.

Water sprays over all the children

With the kiddie pools filled to the brim and the hose erupting with water, some ran straight into the water without hesitation, while others seemed to be a bit more timid. It didn’t take long for those who initially hung back to join in the fun with their friends. Teachers standing by could barely hear the pitter patter of the children’s feet over the abundance of cheerful screams and laughter coming from every direction.

Waiting for the water hose to rain down on them again
Running from the water hose

Of course, teachers were not dressed for the occasion, so they did their best to avoid the downpour of water jetting out of the hose. Still, that didn’t stop some of the kids from trying to make the teachers join in the festivities by splashing water in their direction or trying to hug them with their soaking wet bodies.

Chasing the water
Happy to be getting wet!

All and all, LBA beat the heat today with the help of a simple water hose. Rather than allow the heat to redden our faces and spoil our spirits, we used the power of water to save the day. Despite the heat, the children enjoyed the day with smiles on their faces and laughter in their bellies!

Drying off in the sun
So much fun splashing in the pool!

Kindergarten Grand Finale at Disneyland!


After an unforgettable final year at LBA in Ms. Liliana’s Redondo Beach classroom, the kindergarten students were fully prepared to begin their next chapter in elementary school. But before saying goodbye to Leap & Bound for the last time, Ms. Liliana’s class of 2017 dressed in their bright green T-shirts once more for one of their favorite parts of school: field trips! Wednesday, June 28th would be a day to remember for Ms. Liliana and her students as they embarked together on one last adventure… this time to the happiest place on Earth! A day trip with their classmates and parents to Disneyland on the last day of kindergarten would leave a lasting memory on the students before venturing to new schools for first grade.


The adventure begins in Frontierland

Many parents and family members of the kindergarteners attended the field trip to help commemorate the students’ graduation from LBA at everyone’s favorite amusement park. Ms. Liliana and Ms. Tiffany planned an itinerary for the day, beginning at Splash Mountain in Frontierland. The kindergarten students eagerly boarded the log ride and were whisked away past singing animals and down the famous plunging waterfall drop. The final water splash was a thrilling conclusion after a long wait in line for the popular ride. Then it was on to the next adventure!


The Splash Mountain summit looms behind Liam

After a quick lunch, everyone gathered on It’s A Small World for a relaxing break from the hot sun. The kindergarteners swiveled their heads through the ride, looking in wonder at all of the singing animatronic people from cultures around the world. There was so much to soak in and enjoy you almost couldn’t notice the familiar “It’s A Small World” tune playing throughout the ride.


Shyla points out kangaroos to Lukas and Violet


So much to look at, even outside the ride!


Waiting in line = Great photo opportunity

Since the Disneyland passes lasted a full day, most of the kindergarten parents turned the field trip into a family event by staying at the park after the field trip concluded. Why not take advantage of the day to ride some more attractions and watch the fireworks show? Enjoying this special last day of school with family and friends had our Leap & Bound Academy kindergarteners jumping for joy… literally! It was one last field trip after a year of hard work and preparation that our LBA students will never forget.IMG_4303.JPG






LBA Hosts Innovative Teacher Training Seminar!


Although Leap and Bound Academy schools were closed to students on Friday, June 30th, the Medical Center location was anything but empty! Teachers, staff, and administrators from every LBA school gathered at MC for a day-long teacher training seminar. The morning began with breakfast and teachers were divided into groups based on the age of students they educate. Each group had an organized list of seminars they would be attending for the day, taught by LBA staff members, teachers, and some special guests speakers.

Mr. Rodney, LBA’s in-house IT technician, gave a presentation on using technology in the classroom. He taught our teachers how to use ScratchCat, an iPad program designed to teach children the basics of coding. Ms. Dinah thought the program was “very cool”, and learned how to program her digital cat to move around and say hello! Mr. Rodney guided the teachers step-by-step through both the ScratchCat program and general “netiquette” (proper online behavior) so that our LBA educators will be fully prepared to teach students the basics of coding in the upcoming school year!


Ms. Dinah learns to code with ScratchCat


Mr. Rodney reviews online “netiquette” with LBA teachers


Outside on the patio, Ms. Tyana was conducting a small group seminar with fellow toddler teachers; the presentation focused on activities aimed to engage two-year-olds in the classroom and with one another. Ms. Tyana guided the teachers through a parachute activity to help young students memorize the names of their classmates.


Ms. Angela smiles at the camera during the toddler seminar

After introductions, Ms. Tyana guided the LBA teachers through a series of interactive crafts designed to help toddler students improve their motor skills while learning the alphabet! The teachers created their own pineapple finger painting crafts as an example, which would help their toddlers learn the letter “p”.


“p” is for pineapples… and painting!

Ms. Kathie, an early childhood services specialist at the Harbor Regional Center, was onsite at LBA presenting a special seminar titled “Behavior in the Classroom”. The Harbor Regional Center focuses on providing support for toddlers at risk of having developmental disabilities; Ms. Kathie’s presentation adapted those philosophies and methods into a classroom environment. Her seminar helped LBA teachers review conflict management and emotional support for students.


Ms. Kathie introduces a puppet method to help comfort students

In another classroom inside, Ms. Erin and Ms. Victoria had set up chairs in a circle and were leading an open discussion on customer service and conflict resolution. Teachers were given scenarios in either classroom settings or with parents and practiced correctly responding to each situation. Every teacher and staff member engaged in the activity, openly discussing their approaches to each scenario. Together, the staff members found solutions to each problem while upholding LBA’s core values.


LBA staff discuss conflict resolutions

Ms. Mary, director of LBA’s Torrance location on Palos Verdes Boulevard, was outside with a group of teachers specializing in 3-year-old children. Ms. Mary’s presentation focused on teaching children at this age the beginnings of reading and writing uppercase and lowercase letters. With over twenty years of experience as a teacher, Ms. Mary had plenty of tips and tricks to share with LBA teachers on how best to teach and engage toddlers. The group discussed social skills, phonics, and writing in a classroom environment.

Ms. Mary shares examples of activities for 3-year-old students

Throughout the day, Ms. Victoria and Chef Jose provided delicious food and beverages for our hardworking teachers and staff. For lunch, Chef Jose even barbecued his own steak on the patio to make tri-tip sandwiches!


Avocado Toast- a morning snack option!




Afternoon snack- fresh fruit, pita bread, and hummus



Thank you, Chef Jose!





Good lookin’ food!

If you were wondering why LBA closed its doors for the day on June 30th, now you know that our teachers and staff were still busy! Everyone was hard at work learning new techniques and skills to ensure that all of our students receive a quality education. Because here at Leap & Bound Academy, “Safety, Fun, and Learning” will always be our top priorities for your child.